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Latency Frustrations

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Latency Frustrations

Postby SamGroude » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:46 pm

I am using Finale 26 with GPO5 on Mac Mohave.If I create a document with, for example, a harp part, I can play the harp sounds with my midi controller without any noticeable latency. I can also enter pitches and play them back with the scroll bar perfectly lined up with the notes as they sound. However, the more instruments I add to the score, using the score manager, the more and more latency I get. I like to be able to select an instrument with the speedy note entry tool and improvise ideas using my midi controller, but when I have more than one or two instruments in the score, the notes can sound almost 2 seconds after I play them. It soon becomes impossible for me to use the controller to play and hear my ideas. Is their a way to make the increasing latency issue go away but still be able to play the GPO5 instruments?
Many thanks for any suggestions!
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Re: Latency Frustrations

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