Start and stop swing during piece

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Start and stop swing during piece

Post by Vigzig88 » Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:23 pm

Using the "mf" button, it's easy to change tempos mid-piece. But to change from straight to swing? I have tried every combination and permutation and followed the "Help" to the T, and each action seems to make it apply to the whole piece, though I specify "begin at measure 16" and I press the appropriate button, but nothing seems to do any good. It starts me at measure one, whether I specify measure 16 or not. Arrrrgh.

Also, I just checked - my version of Finale is 2014.5. I have had Finale for several years, have composed numerous pieces using Jazz Human Playback, and one for sure where I did switch to Straight at the end, and even got the Studio involved - but today I cannot make the switch work, and am totally baffled. I've explored the subroutines in the "mf" Expression thing, and the thing is loaded with mysterious options. It would seem one should be able to identify a Allegro, Lento, etc., then a note = such-and-such, and you have it, period. The preset quarter = number thing works, usually.

My 86x deal says that I still have Finale 2014 as well as the upgrade to 2014.5. Is it possible it is interfering? I am afraid to delete ANYTHING.

Re: Start and stop swing during piece

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Re: Start and stop swing during piece

Post by zuill » Sun Jun 21, 2020 1:36 am

Create a Swing expression with playback set to the swing value you want, then create a matching expression to turn it off. Make sure the Score List marks all staves in the Parts column, or only the top staff will swing.

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Re: Start and stop swing during piece

Post by miker » Sun Jun 21, 2020 1:36 am

If you want to start the swing on m. 16, that's where you have to place the Swing expression. With the expression tool chosen, double click at the beginning of m. 16. When the Expression selection box opens, go to Tempo Marks, and double-click on the swing expression. If you have multiple staves, you will have to edit the category to apply the Swing to all staves; otherwise, just the top staff will be swung.
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