GPO5 Timpani

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GPO5 Timpani

Post by RVS Lee » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:39 pm

Is anyone else having problems with GPO5 Timp?

Documentation says that Timp 3 is the version that includes KS sampled rolls, but it appears that Timp 1 is the instrument that includes those samples. (No big deal, but annoying.)

Timp 1 is playing C2/C#2/D2 all as C#2, and then everything is 1/2 step flat up through C3; C#3 is the same pitch (literally B2, a whole step flat), and from D3 on up everything is 1/2 step lower again.

I get the same results with both the "n" and standard instruments loaded both in the standalone Aria and through Fin 25. I haven't touched the sfz files, and did an uninstall/reinstall to no effect.

Is it just me?


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