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Using a virtual keyboard and Hyperscribe

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Using a virtual keyboard and Hyperscribe

Postby Jenacis » Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:58 am


I'm having problems getting finale's hyperscribe tool to work correctly with a virtual keyboard. I'm using "Virtual Midi Keyboard v1.0" and Finale 2005. I have access to Finale 2007 through my school, but I've used 2005 for a while now and I know the layout better. Anyway, moving on...

My sense of rhythm ***, and to get certain rhythms into finale, a midi input device and hyperscribe would be excellent. I've tried configuring using Midi Yoke to route my output from one device (Virtual Midi Keyboard) to Finale, but no luck. When I click on a measure to use hyperscribe, it doesn't do react until I play a note on the virtual midi keyboard, but it doesn't record any notes - it just stops "hyperscribing" what I'm playing. So, I know the two are reacting to one another - I have midi out on the Virtual Keyboard set to Midi Yoke 1, and the midi in in finale set to virtual yoke 1, but nothing is being recorded. Can someone help me out? I'll give more details if necessary, not sure how detailed I should be here. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone else done this before? Thank you so much ^_^
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Re: Using a virtual keyboard and Hyperscribe

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